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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Eye of Lens - Vintage Edition (#1)

posting higher resolution here... resolution at facebook is terrible.

Putrajaya Putra Mosque

KLCC Petronas Twin Tower

KLCC Petronas Twin Tower

Genting Highland Genting Hotel

Cyberjaya, Putrajaya Promenade Presint 7

Broga Hill Semenyih, Selangor

Broga Hill Semenyih, Selangor

Angkor Wat Siem Reap, Cambodia

Victory of Vishnu @ Angkor Wat Siem Reap, Cambodia

Lake Tonle Sap Siem Reap, Cambodia

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Season's Greetings

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Eat @ Kafe Chai round 2.

today went to Kafe Chai for lunch again... actually thought to go Seri Penang... but there is 1 dish i wana try @ kafe chai since last week.

Not really see properly on last visit... thought it's fish and chip :p

They seem have 3 main courses listed under the Main Course menu, 1. is Claypot Briany, 2. is this... Lemon Chili Fish, 3. is... tell you next time :p

Again the course is come with a free drink either lime juice or ice lemon tea.
This time i chosen lime juice... (actually i ordered honey lemon juice, then he inform me said this got free drink -_-b.. by the way they are having august promotion with RM2 discount for drinks.)

the lime juice... hmm.. is quite ok.

the main course Lemon Chili Fish.. with rice, potato, salad and a cup of curry.

The course is nice...
the fish is silky smooth with really nice taste ^^,
the potato is also nice, cut in a suitable cube with a bit nice spicy taste.
salad... same with the 1 i ordered with the nasi briani last time....

how many times i used the word "nice" :p... you should try this if you are there.

The Lemon Chili Fish is priced @ RM15
total cost RM17.25 with gvmt & svc tax.

there also got a lot of special drinks... hopefully will try it next time.. (if no free drink :p)

personally i think, they can reduce 1 fish fillet and reduce the price to attract more ppl.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Eat @ Kafe Chai

Found this cafe beside domino's cyberjaya. They are specialize in indian cuisine.

i ordered Claypot Briayani Rice with Chicken and lemon tea.

the table set up.

the iced lemon tea

here come the set,

the curry

the salad

open up the claypot cover...

The chicken is not the whole piece part of chicken as at other shop, it's boneless chicken nuggets.

First time i put the rice into my mouth, i really not use to the taste... it's full of spice! But im getting used to it after a while and manage to finish the whole pot ^^. It's different with other nasi briani i had eaten... a nice try... the price is ok @ RM12.90 with the drink....and for ur note... they do charge gvmt tax & service charge @_@.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wireless Headset for PlayStation 3

bought this bluetooth headset initially was for Killzone 2 Warzone online play.
but just used once... coz not used to play online chat. so use it for my phone instead.

the box

come with usb cable, charging cradle, and a replacement earpiece ring

the charging cradle.

the headset

The headset not really utilize use with my PS3, i didnt activate advance feature by directly connecting usb cable with the ps3. The time i used in Warzone the sound is not really clear may be because of connection speed. But it's good when i paired and use with my handphone nokia n95 8gb... may find some other day use it in KZ2 Warzone again by activate the advance features which will activate the high quality voice-chat, and provides volume level, battery level, charging status and connection status indicators on the PS3's on-screen display.

the sound quality is good when pair and use with my nokia n95 8gb.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Eat @ Kitchen Village + Where ???? Cafe

There is a new eatery opened @ Prima Avenue, Cyberjaya... actually it's not 1 but 2 under 1 roof. 1 is cafe another 1 is restaurant.

first time we went was the cafe...
i cant recall what the cafe name... it's too looooong.
something like "Where xxx xxx xxx Cafe"

The cafe selling limited choices of vegetarian meals, some fried mee, mee hoon, local dessert, snow ice etc.

i ordered Curry Lamb Rice (see pic above).
hm.. few curry only T_T
what we all complain are... that's too "dry" because of too few sauce to eat with the white rice.
The price set for the meal is just all right... almost same like the vegetarian food delivery we now occasionally order.

2/3 of the place are occupied by Village Kitchen, we didnt notice it's separate different restaurant at the beginning time we visit there.

The environment is not bad... but the price set there is bad. which we think are REAL EXPENSIVE.
starting price for a personal meal is set at RM13.90. (but the price for a 3-4 pax set meal seem quite right at about promotion price RM49.90 with 4 meals)

I ordered Kitchen Village Special Inchi Kabin Fried Rice.
Their special is not really special for me...
fried rice is taste like typical normal fried rice that can eat at most of the place.
the inchi kabin chicken... nah.. i prefer the drumstick which can buy at Seri Kembangan Pasar Malam which is more bigger and nicer at RM4.50.
the "salad".. too sour... i only eat 1 slice of pineapple and 1 'stick' of carrot.. then i just leave it.
the keropok...... again... typical keropok can get anywhere... other place also nicer than this.

this special set cost me RM16.90 which i think really not worth... may be the RM10 is paid for the environment (which i think also cost too much.. worth only RM2-3)

For me... the Village Kitchen is a 1-time visit restaurant... i rather go Q-Thai, Penang House, Padi, Secret Recipe, The Walk... which i think their price is just right.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chopper FEVER! PT2

see the part 1 here
these pics hv been stored in my pc for quite a long long time.

So here start the part 2 of Tony Tony Chopper FEVER!!

Tony Tony Chopper Solar Power Dancing Toy
bought this from Play-Asia... not only 1 but 2... 1 stay in the office another 1 just stay beside my pc (initially want to put in my car, but doesnt work out right)

the captive...

not much different on the right and left side of the box.

view from top

view of the back

view of the bottom box

he is so happy being unboxed!

smile! look so naive.

the source for him to dance!

there is a slider to switch on/off

the cute model

turn a round...

see it in action.. DANCE! CHOPPER! DANCE!

P.O.P. Portrait of Pirates - CHOPPER MAN

again.. captive in a box

the left

the back

the right

the top

the bottom

prison break!

fall down

escaped! here come CHOPPER MAN!

the identity "C"

cute? look like baby chopper


the plate


there is part 3... a 20cm tall tony tony chopper....