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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chopper FEVER! PT2

see the part 1 here
these pics hv been stored in my pc for quite a long long time.

So here start the part 2 of Tony Tony Chopper FEVER!!

Tony Tony Chopper Solar Power Dancing Toy
bought this from Play-Asia... not only 1 but 2... 1 stay in the office another 1 just stay beside my pc (initially want to put in my car, but doesnt work out right)

the captive...

not much different on the right and left side of the box.

view from top

view of the back

view of the bottom box

he is so happy being unboxed!

smile! look so naive.

the source for him to dance!

there is a slider to switch on/off

the cute model

turn a round...

see it in action.. DANCE! CHOPPER! DANCE!

P.O.P. Portrait of Pirates - CHOPPER MAN

again.. captive in a box

the left

the back

the right

the top

the bottom

prison break!

fall down

escaped! here come CHOPPER MAN!

the identity "C"

cute? look like baby chopper


the plate


there is part 3... a 20cm tall tony tony chopper....

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