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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Chopper FEVER!

after bored collect all the mario plushie...
now i turn to collect tony tony chopper... 1 of the character in one of the best manga. ONE PIECE.

These are talking chopper bought from HLJ.

fresh from box, imported from japan.

meet the Stuffed Talking Chopper B Laughing

meet the Stuffed Talking Chopper A Smiling

the twins

cute laughing chopper

press his stomach, he will talk.

the back, the secret of talking can be reveal here.

cute smiling chopper

the back again.

This is
Super DX Big Chopper Cushion same from HLJ.

large cushion, about 55cm tall.
let him sit in my car. ^^

the back...
is the skull logo with sakura.
belong to the doctor who adopted him.

made in china for use as prize in japan only...
but can buy from hlj ^^

Sleeping Chopper with Butterfly
this is cure too
about 25 cm tall.
used to sleep in my car...
now in a cupboard.
same use as prize in japan
but can buy from Play-Asia

this hat got sakura

Super DX Chopper Stuffed 10th Anniversary
same from HLJ.
also about 30 cm tall.
dont know why not really like this.

let's take pic together!


Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous of you!D:

Chopper is soooo cute!

Flying Chocobo said...

i can tell u where to buy if u want 1 ;)

yeah... chopper is lovely XD