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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Eat @ Kafe Chai

Found this cafe beside domino's cyberjaya. They are specialize in indian cuisine.

i ordered Claypot Briayani Rice with Chicken and lemon tea.

the table set up.

the iced lemon tea

here come the set,

the curry

the salad

open up the claypot cover...

The chicken is not the whole piece part of chicken as at other shop, it's boneless chicken nuggets.

First time i put the rice into my mouth, i really not use to the taste... it's full of spice! But im getting used to it after a while and manage to finish the whole pot ^^. It's different with other nasi briani i had eaten... a nice try... the price is ok @ RM12.90 with the drink....and for ur note... they do charge gvmt tax & service charge @_@.

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