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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Eat @ Kafe Chai round 2.

today went to Kafe Chai for lunch again... actually thought to go Seri Penang... but there is 1 dish i wana try @ kafe chai since last week.

Not really see properly on last visit... thought it's fish and chip :p

They seem have 3 main courses listed under the Main Course menu, 1. is Claypot Briany, 2. is this... Lemon Chili Fish, 3. is... tell you next time :p

Again the course is come with a free drink either lime juice or ice lemon tea.
This time i chosen lime juice... (actually i ordered honey lemon juice, then he inform me said this got free drink -_-b.. by the way they are having august promotion with RM2 discount for drinks.)

the lime juice... hmm.. is quite ok.

the main course Lemon Chili Fish.. with rice, potato, salad and a cup of curry.

The course is nice...
the fish is silky smooth with really nice taste ^^,
the potato is also nice, cut in a suitable cube with a bit nice spicy taste.
salad... same with the 1 i ordered with the nasi briani last time....

how many times i used the word "nice" :p... you should try this if you are there.

The Lemon Chili Fish is priced @ RM15
total cost RM17.25 with gvmt & svc tax.

there also got a lot of special drinks... hopefully will try it next time.. (if no free drink :p)

personally i think, they can reduce 1 fish fillet and reduce the price to attract more ppl.


Mr_Rizal said...

it look nice... but the price...!!?? gaji belum dapat maa...!!

Arda said...

bila mau update lagi?

FlyingChocobo said...

tak tau :p.. tgk bila ada mood... hahaha