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Monday, May 18, 2009

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete + Final Fantasy XIIII Demo

Buy FF XIII Demo free FF7ACC blu-ray!!

The demo was released on April 16, 2009.
I got the copy a week later from PA.

quite like the design... but the discs come with the limited edition PS3 is look a lot nicer. T_T

The FF7ACC blu-ray cover

There are 2 casing actually

The back cover.
the feather of the one winged angel.

closer look... confirm is the complete version

the skin of the cases

the disc... nice disc cover art.

the FF7ACC 'booklet'...

closer look to the disc

the long await FFXIII demo

trial version

the disc... lightning is on it.

The FFXIII trial manual

nothing on the back of both casing :(

the outside back cover.

The FF7ACC is now completed with extra 30 minutes scene & some enhancement to the previous scene. It's worth to collect this, but sadly... it's contained only Japanese subtitle with Japanese & English audio. i cant enjoy much for the featurette :(.

The FFXIII Demo... got it til now.. only play once.
not really have fun with that because of the battle system is yet completed in this demo version, hope the full version will be better.

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