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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Life in Animal Crossing City Folk pt1

Has been playing Animal Crossing: City Folk wii since it's out.
Transfered all my furniture list from Animal Crossing: Wild World to it ^^

my neighbor... Felicity! she is cute <3
everyday ask me for lucky items she saw on magazine & tv show orz.

Other neighbor... Mitzi

This is pepper... she is so nice... gv my every type of fruits i dont have ^^
but now no more see her online and visit my town :(

This is Ben, visited my town few times but never 'talk' orz

wang visited my town too, that time pepper is in my town too...
so we 3 take a photo

me visited wang's town, we shot in his fossil museum

me and wang again... showing off our fish :D

im in mummy look

chinese new year suit?
im in my aquarium

im the pharaoh

sailor look



graduation day?

i'm LUIGI!!!

there is an aurora in my town ^^

Finally i met the no face cat i frequently met in ACWW

Blanca is her name.... blank....a?

i simply drew.... became a joker's face...
so i added the greeeeen hair XD

hehe... now she got the joker's face.
heard hanagumi said that she is wandering in his town. :p

There is an event during new year eve
The Tortimer is stand beside the count down clock and will gv me a popper if ask him. (but weird i only got 1 popper from him T_T, shud b unlimited supply)
count down clock is 4 hours 43 minutes 51 seconds to go

3 minutes 25 seconds

59 seconds!

The fireworks are all around the town.
Mitzi and Tiffany come to celebrate too ^^

The fireworks are all around the town.

The fireworks are all around the town.

nice fireworks huh!?


Alfonso & Mitzi are looking at the fireworks too
and while watching, they are clapping their hand ^^ cute!

Tortimer gv me a new year shirt when he saw me in the new year morning.
This year is year of Ox... see the shirt picture?

at the back got wording 2009

To be continued...

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