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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Eat @ Fiery Kitchen - Curry Katsu Don

another story related to service my car.
im so busy on my birthday ^^

came across this kitchen on my way send my car to service center... it's just about
opposite of the service center.

after buying myself a ndsl as my birthday present fr S&M... i sweated n walked from S&M to the kitchen. while standing at the outside looking at the menu, an old man directly show me the set lunch menu on the table.... so i decided go in as i decided earlier the first time i saw it. (the first time i saw was the HOKKAIDO ad banner... that attracted me ^^)

the set lunch come with 18 choices of Ramen & 6 choices of donburi + miso soup + tea or coffee + 1 scoop vanilla ice cream

i chosen tea...
but i more prefer a cool drink intead of hot drink.
tea... tasted so so.

my main course
Katsu Curry Don
tasted so so also
i prefer Ichiban Ramen's or Sushi King's

a closer look

the miso soup
hmm.. this 1 taste not bad

where is my vanilla ice cream?
err... they replace with
water melon.

the bill

want to try Shark's Fin Ramen, Abalone Fried Ramen, Cheese Ramen & Volcano Ramen (<--wat's this??). Hope they are stil in business in the next 3 months.

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