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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Eat @ Tmn Universiti Indah - Neapolitan Bread

pasar malam at tmn university indah got few bread stall.
this is my favourite... most of the time i will buy it to fill my empty stomach some day in the night.
i call this Neapolitan Bread... because it has 3 flavors.
(dont know the actual name for this)

the featuring Neapolitan Bread...
different flavor with different loooook.

the one with sesame 'decoration' is with butter (or margarine?) and kaya filling.

the one with no decoration is the chicken floss flavor.

last...with some coconut on top,
yes! it's coconut filling.

it's cost RM1.50

last time got saw another neapolitan bread @ SK pasar malam... 1 of it with green tea filling... but sadly cant find it anymore.

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