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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Eat @ Steak Out SteakHouse - Porky Combo

went to bandar puteri puchong hunt food again
we saw this steakhouse in our last hunt
that time we are in dilemma to choose this steakhouse or Dapur Nyonya
at last.. we chosen Dapur Nyonya... because no one inside the steakhouse...
Today we pass by the steakhouse and saw a lot of people inside... so we decided to dine here ^^

neon light in da house

the menu logo

while waiting for the meal... just shoot it.
... we waited for almost an hour ..><...

this is expensive...
but i quite like this.

i ordered Homemade Lemonade/Limeade
not because of i like lemon,
but i dun want to take any caffeine drink at night to make me hard to sleep...
and im allergic to alcohol...
some more... im a driver.

the main course
Porky Combo
actually it's Pork Ribloin with BBQ Shrimps

closer look to the ribloin

bbq shrimps

sauce... salsa sauce (?)

the bill

tasted normal... nothing special.

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