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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Eat @ King's Mini Bites

came across this during my grocery shopping @ jusco equine.
so giving it a try.

The packaging... im wondering... y they put a rope there?

im a bit shock when i open the box.
the inner packaging is like this, with 10 pcs of the mini bites inside.
this look uncomfortable with the golden butterscotch sauce, vanilla and chocolate all over the plastic.
personally i more prefer WALL'S mini bites, all in individual packaging and convenience.

chosen 1 piece with a nicer look.
hmmm.. can see chocolate with peanuts & cruncy wafer bar.

what the...
the mini bites is totally different with the look on the box.
The golden butterscotch sauce is actually on the top not center. orz.
The taste? just fine.

hope they can replace the 1 big plastic with individual packaging and also remove the useless rope. (the rope actually is to swing the box and ruin all the 10 mini bites in 1 BIG plastic?)

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