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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Eat @ Big Apple Donuts

today go watch movie.. on the way back take away half doz. of big apple donuts ^^

box for 6

nah... i got 6 donuts.


with mango cream filling.

California Almond - my favorite ^^

Ice Berg
with vanilla cream filling


Say Cheese - my favorite ^^

they got giveaway coupons to use for next month.
"Amazing National Day Offers"

click image to read.


Mr_Rizal said...

My wife favourite donut shop...!! and i like California Almond very much beside a few more...!! there i which has cappuccinos flavor.. you should try it...!!

yumm.. Eerrkk...!! :-*

Flying Chocobo said...

yumm.. faster go grab :p

err... cappucinos ar.. next time try try.