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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Transformers - the transforming edition dvd

Got the dvd sometime ago from Play-Asia.
Initially want to get the steel box edition, but i' was late... just few hours T_T.

The box seem so "fragile". Not dare to take in and take out the dvd so many times ..><..

The front. Autobot cover.

Side: the TITLE.

the opposite side... see thru.

Part of back cover. Not like normal version got decepticon cover.

ready to roll out!

The front... a piece of plastic -_-!!!

Optimum with a turtle shell.

break the turtle shell... got 2 flying disc weapon!

a little close up.

ready to transform.

tranformation completed.

a little close up to the leg.

it's huge!!! 2 storey height!!!... hmm.. 2 dvd boxes height.

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