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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Take a brick, a mushruuum and a power star!

another items from play-asia XD

4 dots?


it's a "?".

Hit 10 to get 1 life!!

it's evolve!! a New Super Mario Bros "?" block, 4 side are same... all "?" no brick no 4 dots.

yes it got sound too... random hit to eat a mushroom!.. and this is the Vol. 2. (The first block shown are Vol. 1)

Koopa?... hmm.. not buy.

Vol. 3 !!!? a brick again -_-||| not going to buy too.

a mushruuum pop up! er.. it's goomba.

show urself!

flip over the Vol 3 tag.... a POWER STAR!!!

it's suddenly appear too.

shining! shining! shining!! XD i got the power!

let's take photo together.

p.s.: thanks to the special guests... a power star & goomba.

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Mr_Rizal said...

waahhh!! nice bantal lohh...