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Monday, February 16, 2009

Game Talk - Flower

This 'game' is sooooooooo beautiful, so artistic.
Flower... a game by ThatGameCompany.
It's about winding a petal to another flower to collect the petal from location to location.... at the very last blooooooom as a very large sakura tree in a dying city.<-- spoiler... u r too late to see this if u r playing this 'game' :p.

The game only available purchase on PlayStation Store. Cost at USD $9.99. Size at 600MB+.

I like the graphic and scenery in the game...it's really beautiful and relaxing.
The sound effect and background music is also match the style of the game which is really relaxing.

The game control by use the motion control of PlayStation 3 sixaxis controller which is really good use and utilize the function of the controller. Beside of using the motion control, the game also use 1 of the button on the controller... any button... to enter the game and also speed up the petals.

The game is quite easy and short... only consists of 5 stages, and the tropies are easy to earn.
i had earned 95% of the trophies, included the gold trophy. the 5 % is the bronze trophy PURE Journey to the city unscathed. ehm... this is quite challenging.
Trophies List