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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Sony MDR-EX500SP

This is my 2008 xmas gift ^^
Saw it @ Sony Style last month and thinking to replace EX90LP with it, now it's officially the EX90LP replacement ^^

EX500 is a upgrade version of EX90, but a downgrade version of EX700. Refering the review, it's worth the money compare to EX700 which sell at RM1000+ (got saw it once @ sony style BTS too).

EX Monitor. Precision studio monitor sound quality with Multiple Layer diaphragm.

open box...

supplied accessories

3 sizes hybrid earbuds

90cm extension cord

the beauty

close up... aluminium body

the 'dark' side

when EX90 meet EX500

cord adjuster

side view

it's sony

manual on how to use the adjuster

supplies accessories also included a leather carrying case, this is the manual.

the inner case

in pratical.

case in the 'hole'

this is really a nice earphone the sound is more clear than the EX90
what i dont like is the cord, without extension cord it's too short, but with extension cord it's too long, although it's come with a cord adjuster, the leather case cant fit the cord adjuster so i have no where to put the cord adjuster when i bring it out to somewhere. :(

MDR-EX500 Specs
Driver unit: 13.5mm
Frequency response: 5-25,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 106dB/mW
Cord: 0.6m
Supplied Accessories:
Extension cord (1), Earbuds (S/M/L x2), Cord Adjuster (1), Carrying case (1), Inner Case (1)


Dzinch said...

Hello there! Do you know any place in Europe where to buy these phones?

Flying Chocobo said...

sorry.. i hv no idea.
may b u can try look for some online mechant?

hmv uk

amazon uk

Toong weiching said...

Such as sound precision monitor IEM, really satisfied with it really.