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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Eat @ Kinsahi (Mines)

Went to Mines watch Bed Time Stories, because want to settle my car insurance nearby.
After the movie, is lunch time. Thinking to look for the 1902 Hot Dog stand but couldnt find :(... so survey on Pho Hoa, Ajisen, Subway, San Franisco Pizza... finally decided to go Kinsahi coz the hv a lot of choices ^^
Mines is getting better with a new management, more restaurants in the shopping mall now.

logo shot from the menu

table set, but i didnt use. coz im order...

iced tropical tea

omelette curry rice

I watch japanese drama a lot and always see omelette in certain dramas... and really wanted to try it, now i got a chance ^^
The Kinsahi's omelette curry rice is egg wrapped white rice served with japanese style chicken curry. Taste nice!
So many dishes i wanted to try on my next visit.

The restaurant also offer a VIP member card @ RM12 annual fee.

There are 3 designs, but only 1 available there "Enthusiast"

The design of "Enthusiast".
Not my first choice, but not choice, it's the only choice.

The benefits.

Back of the card.. typical look.

free gift... a 'notepad', not sure it's because of opening special or member gift.

Omelette Curry Rice - RM13.90
Iced Tropical Tea - RM7.90
The restaurant charged 10% svc chg & 5% gov tax.

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