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Monday, December 22, 2008

Eat @ Xi Meng Ting Restaurant

after having a cod deal on ps3 games with someone at south city plaza.
decided to have my dinner there.
The Xi Meng Ting Restaurant 西门町餐馆

ordered a combo meal, Taiwan Style Pork Rib Rice.
The combo come with jelly and drink.

choose in between red tea, ice honey green tea.... i forgot another 1... may be coffee.
i chose green tea.

The jelly... not really sure what flavor. Chlorophyll?

wow.. they also come with a meat ball soup

the main course ^^
can i sue them for incorrect advertising?
the menu printed the pork rib is half of the bowl only ^^

total cost RM12.50 (tax included)
not bad, may try if interested.

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