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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Eat @ Seri Kembangan Pasar Malam (07.28.08)

heard that the pasar malam @ seri kembangan pasar on every monday is the second large pasar malam in malaysia after the cheras pasar malam.
for me it's quite a good place to hunt for food or any new things.

nyonya nasi lemak.
i duno wat to call the fried fried thingy, but it's really taste nice.
they got sell it separately in a bottle.
this is normal 1.. but cost RM2

drum stick.
big and yummy
RM4 ea.

there is a stall selling fresh mix fruit juice.
u can mix any available fruit u like there.
this is the must buy drink for me every time i visit there.
usually i will just ask the aunty's recommendation and mix it for me ^^
.. this is
"dragon ball" fruit + water melon
tasted nice ^^
cost RM4 ...(normal fruit RM3, a bit expensive for dragon ball fruit)

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