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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


a special date
and my special day

decided to treat myself.
thinking of whether buying something i dont have or upgrading something i already had.

then i decided to upgrade something i already had.
a cobalt black ndsl. ^^

the box
the blue... so tempting



i reall like the blue... <3


open up

when nds meet ndsl

quad screens ^^

with protective shell...
not really like this...
will find another pouch...
a pouch like my psp pouch.

another look with shell

bought in package with EDGE...
like sandwich
i adi had R4...

open up with the cart and reader

brochure & manual

instruction manual

before buy it...
im in dilema whether want to get the crimson black or cobalt black...
both i like...
but i like blue more :)
i really really like the BLUE ^^
happy birthday to myself ^^

duno when will get it...
i dun hv enough port to plug it... dat's y given up it.

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