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Monday, July 21, 2008

Play-Asia 25% Off Summer Sales!.. see what i've got?

Play-Asia Summer Sales just ended, and i got my parcel today ^^

let's see what i got...


got 7+1 type... i want the original pink and hidden type T_T

the other side of the box, not understand what he is talking about :$

the top of the box... white chopper!

nah.. i got 4 XD
3 just arrived today.

this green chopper is the first i got.
hanging in my car.
surprise look.

smiling white hat toni toni chopper :D

crying blue chopper

..><.. purple chopper

go go fly choppermen

it's currently out of stock in play-asia :)

is a game released on PS2 and Wii.
i like the game very much, great gameplay and graphic + awesome musics.
that's why i bought this soundtrack.
wanted to buy on last 20% sales, but i missed it... and now luckly got 25% discount XD
this is the only game i played & finished on both PS2 & Wii.
RESET ~ Thank You version

Front Cover

Back Cover

Side, 5 discs ^^

the cds.

the other side... the Clover Studio + Capcom

the cd casing

open up

5 cds ^^

the other side

closer look

closer look

Disc 1

Disc 2

Disc 3

Disc 4

Disc 5

The booklet cover

The booklet back cover.. staff name

inside the booklet... all japanese

inside the booklet...

Heavenly Sword is PS3 exlusive game, so i bought it with this opportunity. ^^

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