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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Eat @ Sushi King - Kodomo Bento

suddenly feel like want eat jap meal.
so decided go Sushi King buy this Kodomo Bento.
it had been long time i didnt buy this set meal.
the take away packaging had changed, nicer than last time.
i miss the steam-bun/fry bun with jap curry, but they no more selling it T_T.


Mr_Rizal said...

Look nice... never went to Sushi King because my wife can't eat rawa fish but i seldom but sushi from Jusco or K4... yum... love california roll... yumm!! and seldom eat at teppanyaki...!! more yummm!!

Flying Chocobo said...

ooo sushi king not only sell raw fish ma.. :p.. normally i go there having set meal only.