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Monday, June 30, 2008

Eat @ Formosa Esquire Kitchen of Taipei 台灣風味舘

today we decided to have taiwanese food diner instead of go to SK psr malam.

台灣風味舘 Formosa Esquire Kitchen of Taipei located @ Kuchai Lama is our destination.

drink: i ordered Iced Honey Longan 冰蜂蜜龍眼, 1 of the "hot" drinks there.

the chili.. taste not bad with my main meal.

we decided want a soup beside our meal.
It's Salted Vegetables with Pork Blood Soup (咸菜豬血湯)also one of the hot product there.
taste not bad.

they ordered Braised Pork Rice (滷肉飯), i didnt order this, i had it on my first visit, now want something different.

it's Noddles with Spicy Bean Sauce 炸醬干面
never eat this before, but the taste is fine.

after finished our diner, we ordered a famous taiwan snack... Deep Fried Fish Cake 甜不辣。

free serve dessert...
milky pudding with chocolate chip ^^

our bill, table for 3 RM55.02


Mr_Rizal said...

Waaa... Delicious... but not for me...!!

Flying Chocobo said...

wil inform u if i found a halal 1 :p