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Monday, March 12, 2007

Movie Times - 300

300 is so cool. Have been waiting for it since the trailer released.
Sad that some scenes have been censored, but some not!! It's better than none compare to the sin city was banned here (arg.. nvm i owned the imported dvd ;)). it's a small leap ahead for the local censorship department.

Unique cinematographic and action. The blood r spilled over 'beautifully' (but where all the blood gone? cant find any on the ground, on the body, and on the clothes -_-||| ). The actions are cool with slow motion (it'll be more cool if apply the matrix style effect :p). Yes.. i like the music too ^o^... but sad that some of the music heard in the scene are not available on the soundtrack T_T.

It's cool, but it's still not in my movie of the year list. There are more nice movies during the 'summer' movie season.

The dvd is the must buy item of the year... coz of some censorship :p

The story is based on the true event BATTLE OF THERMOPYLAE. Click on it to read the real story. :p

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