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Thursday, April 06, 2006


Will release on April 21st, 2006 (May 2006 for Europe, most likely summertime for USA) in two colors, black and silver. The expected retail price for this new device is approximately 39,800 - 40,000 yen (approx. USD$340 - 350), but it should hopefully arrive in the United States around $300.

so pretty... but not going to get it, my cool NH1 stil fully functioning.

Read more here: http://www.mdcenter.nl/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2084
a) Data transfer speed: when transferring a 135 MB file to the RH10 and RH1 the RH1 took about 136 seconds and the RH10 277. Conclusion: transferring data via Windows explorer is about 2x faster than with a 2nd generation Hi-MD.
B ) Tested playback of mp3 vs. ATRAC3plus: I tested several music tracks in ATRAC3plus and mp3 format (both 256 kbps) and I could not hear any difference between them. The difference with the RH10 was clearly audibly. Conclusion: the "crippled" mp3 playback of the 2nd generation Hi-MD's is fixed (as far as my ears can judge):
c) the date-stamp/clock function is indeed back!
d) the RH1 remembers live-recording settings. E.g. when you change the recording level from AGC to manual it will remember it even after changing discs or turning the walkman off. The only time when the settings are lost is when removing/disconnecting the Li-ION battery.
e) during a recording you can adjust the mic-sensitivity and recording-level on the fly without interrupting recording.
f) line out function is available but the volume is still not so loud as the line-out of an MD-deck (but it is alright according to line-signal specifications).
g) first Hi-MD with Li-ION that is charged via USB. The USB cable and connecter are also used to connect the MD to the power-adapter (so no separate DC-in)
h) doesn't support 3-line remote of MZ-NH1 (only 1 line used.
i) touching the casing it seems to be magnesium.
j) the EU version will get the same accessoires/features as the JP model (only a volume-restriction in the EU because of stupid laws but that is only an issue until someone gets it's hands on the Service-manual).
k) releasedate in the EU: 3th week of may.
l) MAC-software will have more functions that we already know from the M10/M100.
m) besides recording-settings it even remembers the last display-mode you used.
n) disc/track/artist info only appears on the remote.

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