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Friday, March 03, 2006

Shopping @ PlayAsia - February

My february package ;)

package by UPS

box by Play-Asia

1st item - PDAir PSP leather case

come with a screw driver

inside view, slot for MS

outer view

attached and wrapped

front view

back view

1 slot umd compartment

lol... this leather case not encourage ur chg umd disc often... quite trouble when changing disc -_-b

2nd item - The Aviator 3 Disc Limited Edition DVD

front view 3-d card

back view... another 3d cover

open box inside view.. when open, will see 2 dvd, while the other dvd is 'hidden' underneath the right disc. Come with a Limited Edition Paper Aircraft

closer look to the Limited Edition Paper Aircraft

3rd item - Keroro in Action Army Action Figure Series: Sergeant Giroro

this 1 nice ^^, about 10 cm tall come with some accessories.

4th item - PSP DJ Max Portable - my 15th PSP game

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