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Friday, March 31, 2006

Gacha Gacha Doraemon Chogokin Movie Version

hv been looking for the first version of Gacha Gacha Doraemon.. but cant find... almost every where out of stock... and ebay too expensive T_T finally i found this on a local website, pre ordered this item 2 weeks ago, and it's just shipped yesterday.

the box... front




bottom... top not taken, coz only small accessories pictures

2 boxes inside, the doraemon and accessories.

doraemon from the box

a weird doraemon... eyes missing

accessories... 3 levels


doraemon & dinosaur!!


a hole in the head?.. use for gacha gacha gacha...

the capsule wil b out fr here when pulling the tail

a closer look to the small toys

blur imgs hurt eyes ..><..

1 comment:

yumi said...

Hi, I have the first version doraemon gacha. Just wondering if you are interested to exchange with me with the movie version.

Let me know?
Thank you so much