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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Shopping @ PlayAsia - January

lol late post again... coz lazy to post hehe.

Placed my order during the mid of jan.. bcause really really want the dvd "Sin City - The Ultimate 3 DVD Box Set" this time not dare to order @ amazon... coz last time lucky the parcel not lost, the postman directly pass me the box at the same time when i'm going out for work. this make me scare to order from amazon. ... and finally play-asia is available for order. Place my order during mid-jan but cancelled it few days later coz they cant promise to deliver on time, but after think and think and think decided to place order again and the delivery address chg to my home town address coz new year holiday is coming and i'm only at my hometown... but who know... they delay again... they sent it to my hometown 2nd day after i went back to KL and i already email inform them about change of the address before the item was ship -_-b. Then i asked my fren to bring it here when she back here. delay delay and delay..after 2 weeks... i finally got the package ^o^.

Here are the dvds ;) only watched the theatrical release, not yet watch the recut, extended and unrated version separated four stories....hv to wait til...duno wat time.. too many movies to watch and games to play. already finish half of the featurette.. nice :).

along with the dvd, i oso ordered a psp game.. coz there have sales.. so cheap.. RM60+ only ^_^.. err.r.. but the game is bit hard -_-b and the screen is so small... dun like :(

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