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Friday, February 10, 2006

MSN 8.0 Beta

have been using msn 8.0 beta for quite some time. coz my windows language setting is set to chinese, it's automatically install in chinese language... i prefer english version but nowhere to chg the languages T_T

main window, now can change colors scheme, u can select any colors u like.

The contact can sort by 3 way,
1. By status
2. By group
3. By msnspace

Here the contact list show by details, big msn picture wil b display.

Name card, a bit different with the 7.0 version

Add contact, this will pop up, can fill in any personal and work details.

search contact list, i like this (not sure msn 7 got or not... i just noticed it on msn8). Search result is nickname or email address.

New feature on MSN 8, share files folder. Hvn't try yet, dunno how good is it.

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