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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Movie Time - Shinobi

Directed by Shimoyama Ten, the dazzling 2005 film Shinobi centers on the drama resulting from the war between two ninja clans in the early part of the Tokugawa era. In the film, Nakama Yukie portrays Oboro, the granddaughter of Ogen (Lily), the respected Iga clan matriarch, while Odagiri Jo plays Gennosuke, the son of Danjo Koga (Minoru Terada), the powerful Koga clan leader. While living deep within the mountains, the two ninja clans have honed their skills to superhuman levels. Unfortunately, the clans do not get along and are forbidden by imperial decree from sharing their techniques with each other. Viewing the two ninja clans as a threat to his scheme for total domination, the nefarious Nankobo Tenkai (Ishibashi Renji) plots to intensify the rivalry between the two clans. Nakobo creates a contest in which the clans are forced to choose five of their best warriors to participate. The battle, however, isn't just a friendly contest, it's a duel to the death!
Early in the film, Oboro and Gennosuke meet and fall in love unaware of their clan ties, so when they are both selected to compete they are surprised to discover the truth about one another's identities. However, Gennosuke initially refuses to participate, but is forced to make an appearance when his compatriots start dropping like flies. The combatants in this contest are not your run-of-the-mill ninja warriors, each has powers beyond that of mortal men. There's the face-changing Saemon Kisaragi (Kinoshita Hoka), the limb-extending Yashamaru (Sakaguchi Taku), the poisonous Kagero (Kurotani Tomoka), and the all-seeing Tenzan Yakushi (Shiina Kippei) just to name a few! Thanks to a great romance plot, breathtaking special effects, and spectacular action choreography, Shinobi offers a one-of-a-kind ninja film that must be seen to be believed!

one of the movie in my list.
i like the cinemagraphy, some scenes really nice. when c the "art of assasin".. the special effects are so coooooooool and the characters too ~ ♥♥Hotarubi, Yashamaru and so on. it's about 1hr45m but i felt that the movie is quite short me stil want to c more!!! but the ending is quite sad. it's a movie must see but not the best movie..... some more got ayumi's heaven

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