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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

PSP time

make up my mind to continue posting, previously busy with this... :p

my xmas gift for myself

PSP Zorro Pack

Here's my psp and the screen protector come together in the pack, i ruined the screen protector T_T ... my psp screen is nude.

Remote control and earphone come with the value pack... hardly use them, coz it's too brick for a mp3 player, somemore i got alot of earphone already -_-b so the earphone is useless for me... keep in box!

PSP Neck Strap and id band... freebies from sonystyle

UMD carrying pouch..can store up to 8 umd disc n 4 memory stick... not enough for me T_T

extra freebies?? didnt found any info about this small umd carrying pouch, can store 2 umd.

1gb Memory Stick... aiks... the capacity is still small.. think to get 1 2 gb 1 :D

Image Converter software in the Zorro Pack... US$15.... i just put it aside collecting dust... i more likely use PSP Movie Creator ;)

Here all the game i collected in 1 month... 10 are 2nd games and 3 are new games... which are Ridge Racer...come together with the package and Smart Bomb & Taiko no Tatsujin Portable (Taiko Drum Master Portable) i bought from PlayAsia. While collecting the 2nd hand games... ran around KL area T_T but it's worth ;)

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