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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Goodies for NDS & PSP

bought from play asia again..bunch of goodies,

NDS game card case... 10 in the box... i thought can store 10 in a single box... but actually it's 10 in a individual box T_T

stylus... this retractable stylus is really handy when using.. i like this, especially got the hand strap.

this goodies is for both PSP & NDS... external power.. comment?? no comment.. really hardly use oso, coz everytime use up the NDS n PSP battery before sleep. Got use once... but... keep power off T_T broken product?? hardly use also because scare will have side effect to the battery, coz it's connected to the power supply connector, every time connect look like it's charging the battery.

UMD case... got about 13 games (+1 is coming from PlayAsia ^^) not enought use with the sony UMD case.. have to call back up... can store 3 disc or 5(!?) + 2 memory stick.... look like burger -_-b

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