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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Movie Time - King Kong 2005

Went to Summit USJ again.
Thought the THX theater wil b start 11am like Narnia on Tuesday... but wrong again.. the show started at 12pm.
The room is almost full.. although there are notice stick on the counter said that for children below 13 is not allow to go for the movie... there are stil alot inside -_-b
The movie is about 3 hrs long. The 1st hr is more concern about character development... the action start after that...btw some scenes are really funny

there are some part that really make me think and link to LOTR.. the dinosaur vs the mammoth... the scene the king kong fall vs gollum fall to the volcano.. ugly bugs vs shelob...etc etc...
also look like Jurassic Park oso :p

The music/score is really perfectly match the film.. James Newtown Howard done well here... and the film got nomination on Best Score in Golden Globe.

Got some ppl cry at the ending... if u easy get touch.. prepare some tissue paper... (for me..not so touching la)

The film not perfect with some flaw, but i really looking for the full version dvd release like LOTR (some scene in the trailer not in the film)

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