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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Trip to Muar + Malacca

27 December is my housemate's BIG day, we have invited to attend the dinner.
We planned to start our journey on 10am.... but some1 was late.. so.. i waited til 11:30am :( along the way drive in between 120-140kmh.. so scared wil get speeding summon later ..><..when reach Air Keroh..it was about 1:30.. we were there to meet another fren... we have been brought to eat nyonya&baba food... me ordered curry rice.. hmm.. tasted something is missing in the curry not bad but not so good also...or may b the nyonya curry is like that?? after that we have cendol as our dessert... for me.. taste nice...but sweet ..><... We had our lunch at melaka... we decided to continue our journey to Muar.

Drove along about an hour, i missed the junction to the old bridge.. 1st time drive thru the new bridge, it has been long time i didnt visit Muar.... after took some little adventure, finally we found her house ^^.. but or so lucky.. we met her on the way we walked to her house... she is going to make up... so we just turn back and go to the Muar's famous Tanjong Emas, on our way there with another little adventure, we reach a park with many MONKEY!! there are more than hundred there.. many ppl are feeding them. We also stopped and watching there...


monkey eating fruit

after a while we went to Tanjung Emas... saw ppl taking boat river tour there.. but we didnt try. wandering around there awhile.. feel bored. we decided go to The Store / Wetex plaza there walk walk to enjoy air cond til 7pm.

When we reach the restaurant, there are many ppls there adi, including the bride and groom. ha.. taking pic with my k750 and send mms to fren n colleague :P i like to look to a gal who sit with us... she looks so nice with the pink color lol .. i really wanted to tell her... "you look so nice with pink ><" " but until now i stil dunno her :(.

730 start eating... eat eat eat til 9:30 ..habis.. greeeting again with bride n groom at the front door..and took a pic. we decided to go back melaka.

when reach melaka..adi about 11pm ... me so tired.. after bath and watch some photo... sleepzzzzz.

wake up at 8 sumthing... waiting them to wake up :( go watch Alien with friend while waiting.. at 930 we all set for breakfast..go eat bak kut teh.. melaka BKT is different with KL... the taste different, the ingredients used were a bit different also. after breakfast, we went to banks.. coz some1 hv to settle his "business".
after visiting 2 banks... our 1st stop is Tan Kim Hock.. go there shop for some local products. after that we visit our fren's school... to get free parking :P, and the school is just beside A' Famosa. We visited A'Famosa, St. Paul's Church & Stadthuys.

St. Paul's Church

View from St Paul's Church



So tired climbing the hill... we decided go some place to get some air con... we went Mahkota Parade.. shopping there... me bought 2 G2000 shirt.. and a cute small bolster with cutie Ultraman :D. We had our lunch there... japanese food.. forgot the name ..><.. "flirting" with the waitress there :P

shopping at Christmas stall @ Mahkota Parade

We went back after Mahkota... went to fren's house take our bag and chating until 6 sumting, we started our journey back to serdang... felt so tired.. almost fall asleep while driving... lucky we safely back to home :)

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