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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

movie time

watched quite many movies dis few days...

天军 Chungoon
korea sci-fi-commedy movie... it's story about a group of good soldier n rebel soldier who wan take the nuclear weapon have been brought from year 2005 to 1572.
this movie is quite amusing... i like the music score... hehe typical action movie cue.

Korea horror movie... some part of d movie make me remeber the other korea horror ~ the Red Shoe... now is about Hair...ar..and oso The Shutter (Thai horror) especially d relationship in between d ghost n male character. so so only for me.

Thai horror movie...yess.. again horror movie :p
err...look like combination of The Eye 10 n 6th Sense or The Other...
they wan to c ghost...but actually they r ghost...

Flight Plan
staring by Jodie, the gal is so cute......
err...how to say... quite "annoying" feel like wan to walk out fr cinema when c kak jodie keep talking n keep searching for her galgal...
the ending... seem so fast :(

after watched Flight Plan...
lepak to Speedy, bought 3 dvd, I, Robot, Fight club & Flight of the Phoenix

Fight Club
finally watch it!
no comment... but d director quite naughty oso...

still got a lot of dvd not yet "clear" ..><..

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