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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

digest of the day 09/07/05

sold my phone... bye bye my sony ericsson k700i. ..><..

got treated a lunch... new pizza @ pizza hut... a long time talk... finally got eat it
today... cant finish... the sauce too salty ><"

go mines... road change.. so jam :s

watched RED EYE... it's ok... but dun think will buy the dvd when release

FABLE ~ got it, but dun hv chance to play yet... hard disk full again... hv to finish DS II first or backup my data.

TDK DVD+RW .. hvn't try .. hopefully it's nice as DVD-R that i bought last time... really like the DVD design... simplicity is the best

Nintedogs ~ thinking getting 2nd dog... coz my Popi is lonely there... but if get 2nd dog..then i wil b busy :s

another items won today from ebay ;)
1) Heart in Atlantis(Region 3)
2) A Perfect Murder(Region 3)
3) Hulk(2 Discs Region 1)
4) DareDevil(2 Discs Region 1)
5) Gangs of New York(2 Discs Region 1)
6) S.W.A.T(Region 1)
7) The Thin Red Line(Region 1)
8) Underworld(Region 1)

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