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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

movie + shopping

-went Mines watch THE AMITYVILLE HORROR...quite scary, frightened by the sound effect a few times -_-||| ~ always like that..too ezy frighten by sound effect.

-looking for some nice dvd, bought THE LAST SAMURAI... bought it bcoz of Hans Zimmer score the film ^^

-in addition bought the dvd, also brought together INUYASHA MUSIC SELECTIONS from THE MOVIES cd in the packet, the cd got my favourite track, Main Title from Guren no Hourai-jima, that's 1 of the reasons why i took it with me ^_^

-Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 expansion Soaked! is out, not yet play it, recently no interest to play pc game, mostly spent my game time on my NDS or gba with METEOS or WARIOWARE: TWISTED!

-Crayon ShinChan vol 41 is out, haha... funny comic.

-DAVINCI CODE, finally bought it, not yet start reading also, too many reading materials on pending, dunno when can finish it.

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