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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Filmtracks 2004 Reviews

Filmtracks 2004 Reviews

What is your favourite score of the year 2004?

King Arthur is me fav soundtrack of the year. Why? because i like this kind of soundtrack, cant deny that it's quite Gladiator alike score...but i just like it, especially Tell Me Now "What You See" and Road To Ruin..it's my all time favorite :D ... Hans Zimmer is my #1 all time favorite composer.

Van Helsing, is my 2nd fav album of the year, quite surprise with Alan Silvestri, there are only 2 albums i've ever heard composed by him. 1st is Academy Award nominated Forrest Gump. 2nd is The Mummy Return, but i'm really dont have much impression about the The Mummy Return. Van Helsing's score make my blood feel like dancing.

The Village.... i was attracted by the violin.... really impressive with the tune but at the same time i was scared by The Bad Color also T.T while enjoying the nice violin... James Newton Howard is the composer.

What else?... coming soon

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